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AshLee Frazier


Calling all shopping social activists! Have you heard of cooper & ella? Well, let me tell you about them! I’m very honored to share this post with, because today it’s a lot more about finding the cutest top to wear….


Blue Bae

“Bae.” The term has sprung up everywhere these days. When I first heard it I was like, “Oh, it must be a shortened version of babe or something.” Makes sense, right? When you hear it spoken, you immediately think of…

Friday Fitness | How to Have Fun While Exercising

Tee: Happy Healthy Balanced Peaceful Life *Limited available. Get yours today! Are you bored with your workouts? Or are you one of the many people who can’t stick to an exercise routine for very long (also known as exercise ADD)….



If you haven’t noticed, The Bachelor loves to choose contestants who represent that classic “Americana” vibe. At least they like to do this for whoever they choose the main Bachelor or Bachelorette to be. Usually someone with roots, with family…