5 T-Shirt Trends for 2017: Slogan to The Cut Up

The quintessential slogan T-shirt has evolved into a fashion statement, an opportunity to broadcaster politics. It is also a forefront to showcase your identity. Slogan tees are a trend for 2017 and probably beyond just street style. The fashion world has taken heed of the trend. Designers like Haider Ackermann and Paco Rabanne all taking cues from what people have been wondering on their shirts. Here are some of the more popular T-shirt trends that we have noticed.

5 Top T-Shirt Trends

  1. The cut up T-shirt. The past couple of years we have seen T-shirts that have been oddly sliced and diced up. It is the easy of ways to add a little extra oomph to your wardrobe. Popularized by gym goers who wanted more ventilation. The cut up T-shirt trend has transcended the gym and has found its place in many households and fashion runways. You can make your cut up T-shirts and still make them stylish by wearing them as you start cutting into it. Remember, you can always remove fabric not add. There are also different brands that have covered the cut up movement. Indie shops like Forever 21 and Urban Outfitters are selling their version of the cut up shirt. You can layer on a cut up T-shirt to give it a more relaxed style too.
  2. T-shirts that tie in the front. Designed for those who feel confident in their own skin, a styled tee that allows you to tie up in the front gives you a bit more room to show off more skin. Pairing a tied up top with your favorite pair of denim shorts and you have a style that is purposely designed for the hot summers.
  3. Super low V-neck with a lace bra showing. The newest of these 2017 street style looks. This summer, don’t be afraid to be a bit daring by showing off your favorite lace bra with a super low V-neck T-shirts. Even though some people may have reservations about showing off a bra in public, at least you’ll be comfortable in the hot summer months You can also switch out your traditional lace bra and wear a deep plunge bra instead. Specifically designed for low-cut necklines like a V-neck T-shirt, a deep plunge bra allows you to feel secure while knowing that the bra is there for proper support.
  4. Tucked in look. Tuck in a T-shirt with the help of a belt for a bit of sophistication to a casual slogan shirt. Thankfully this is a look that is versatile – just grab your oldest tee in your closet, and tuck it in on one side or just the front.
  5. The simple slogan T-shirt. These tees are simple, straightforward, but boisterous. The slogan T-shirt gives you the opportunity to tell the world exactly how you feel without you saying a word. If we know anything we know that 2017 is the year to speak your mind. Even Vogue has taken heed to the popularity of the slogan T-shirt, with it being a centerpiece in several runway shows.

My favorite slogan street style t-shirt for 2017

cut up t-shirt slogan t-shirt deep plunge bra lace bra street style

cut up t-shirt slogan t-shirt deep plunge bra lace bra street style

cut up t-shirt slogan t-shirt deep plunge bra lace bra street style

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Of course I had to rock out this look with Chaser. They are by far my favorite brand when it comes to hopping on a trend. Chaser knows just what to do. Not to mention they also have the softest clothes to boot.

The last time I wore an open shoulder trend was in November when I got engaged in New York. In case you missed that post I linked it for you. The photos were shot the day before Aaron asked me to marry him! I look at those images through a special lens now. 

So how do you wear this trend? To be quite honest, there’s no wrong or right way to wearing a tee. You can simply wear them up with sneakers and jeans, while others aim to impress by pairing them with dresses or even suits. Whichever way you decide to wear your T-shirt, feel assured that it’ll be a trend guaranteed to stick around. 

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