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The last days of summer are upon us. It’s always a nostalgic time for me, because I get to reflect on my summer adventures, and at the same time, I start looking forward to all the cliché fall activities. I’m super thankful I had Brandon to help me keep up my fitness this summer. If you guys follow my Snapchat you’ve seen the different kind of workouts he’s given me to whip me into shape – lunges, medicine ball crunches, squats, and even some pull-ups. Beach body success, ya’ll.

I’m obsessed with workout clothes, so much so that I practically live in them, unless I need to dress up for a night out obviously. You may or may not have heard of the term “Athleisure,” but it’s what’s hot right now in the fitness space. Basically, it’s clothing that doubles as workout gear and casualwear that looks cute and fashionable. I’ve been really digging the new Danskin Now line. Here’s why:

  1. Simple and classic looking. No frilly stuff that gets distracting when you’re working out. Just effortlessly snug and won’t go out of style.
  2. One word: comfortable.
  3. Variety of styles. They have shorts, tights, yoga pants, sweatpants, capris, and graphic tees. A little bit of everything.
  4. Totally affordable and well made.

One of my Friday rituals after a my workout is a well-deserved trip to the coffee shop, and maybe even a little pastry if I’m especially sore ha. Loving my new Danskin “Breathe In” top, which I just threw over my sports bra to cover up. Morning coffee, morning sunrise, and the sweet smell of summer keeping me happy.

If you’re a dancer or yoga enthusiast, you’re definitely familiar with Danskin, but if not, you’ll totally appreciate the movement Danskin Now clothes allow. Although summer is ending, I’m pretty excited to get comfy in my new Danskin sweats. Definitely check it out if you’re in need for some new workout scrubs.

This post was sponsored by Danskin.




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