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I could not be more proud of all the reports I am getting from everyone! We are in month 4 already of our training with Brandon. I am even more pumped now with the wedding coming early next spring. I decided to not only do the workouts below from Brandon but also added Soul Cycle to our training for the next 4 months. Today I am even getting in a two time work out. I may be obsessed. 

Of course training like this requires only the most comfortable clothes. For this I am leaning on Danskin again. Soft material, something to keep my warm but not too warm. After Soul Cycle the last thing you want is heavy clothing. Danskin clothes are great for personal training, running on the treadmill or Soul Cycle. Not to mention, errands. Most of the time after training with Brandon I go run all my errands before heading to a coffee shop to tackle work. No shame in my fitness attire! Thanks to Danskin for always keeping me on point.

How awesome are today’s leggings? I’ve worn them twice now and get compliments on them everywhere I go. L.O.V.E! 


Phase 4 Workout + Nutrition
We’re now into December and Phase 4 of the program. This is the time of year when people struggle the most to stay on track with their fitness goals. This tends to lead to all those “New Year, new me” resolutions at the start of the year. But not for you. If you’ve managed to maintain at least 80% consistency with your scheduled workouts and nutrition habits, you should be looking and feeling pretty awesome.

OK now on to the program.

We’re sticking with the same workout program as the last phase. Which means there’s going to be three total bodyweight training workouts each week, which includes two days of cardio workouts. One cardio day will be a high-intensity interval sprint day. The other cardio day will be a steady-state aerobic day.

For the high-intensity interval sprint workout, you can choose from a bike (spin cycle works the best), rowing machine, battling ropes, tire flip, sled push/drag, treadmill sprint, hill sprint, or track sprint.

After a light warmup of 5-10 minutes, you’re going to go all out for 10 seconds while working at about 90% max intensity. Then recover for 60 seconds. Do this for 10 total rounds. It gets pretty tough once you reach round 6 or 7 but try to keep the intensity at 90% through all the rounds!

The nutrition habit during this phase is pretty simple; focus on eating 1 serving of lean protein for each meal of the day.

Phase 4 Program

Workouts: Three Total Bodyweight Training Days. One day of Aerobic Activity (30-90 minutes) and one day of High Intensity Interval Sprints (10 rounds of 10 seconds work, 60 seconds rest). (Five workouts per week)

Nutrition Habit: Eat 1 serving of lean protein with each meal.

To measure your serving of lean protein we’re going to use the hand method (just like we did with the fruit and veggie serving last month). One serving of lean protein is the size of your open palm. Below is a list of your ideal lean protein sources. I even recommend printing this list and taking it with you to the grocery store to make your shopping trip easier. Lean meat like beef, bison and pork

  • Poultry like chicken, turkey, or duck
  • Fish and seafood like shrimp, salmon and scallops
  • Eggs and egg whites
  • Cottage cheese and plain Greek yogurt
  • Protein powder from whey, egg, or plant based blends
  • Lentils and beans
  • Tempeh and tofu

Workout Note:

  • Do all exercises listed in A block together first, then B block exercises next, and then C.
  • Always use as much weight as you can handle without compromising form.
  • Rest minimally, less than 30 seconds between rounds and exercises.
  • It’s recommended to schedule the workouts as listed below. However you can arrange them around to fit your schedule.


Monday – full body 1

Tuesday – aerobic workout 30-90 minutes
Wednesday – full body 2
Thursday – off or light activity
Friday – full body 3
Saturday – high intensity interval sprints
Sunday – off or light activity

Full Body 1
Repeat both exercises for 5 rounds
Barbell deadlift (6 reps)
Dumbbell squat to overhead press (8 reps)

Repeat all exercises for 5 rounds
Dumbbell split squat (6 reps per leg)
Bent over single arm dumbbell row (8 reps per arm)
Dumbbell step up on bench (8 reps per leg)

Repeat all exercises for 4 rounds
Ice skaters (20 seconds)
Mountain climbers (20 seconds)
Side plank (30 seconds each side)

Full Body 2
Repeat both exercises for 5 rounds
Barbell bench press (6 reps)
Rear foot elevated split squat (6 reps per leg)
B. Repeat all exercises for 4 rounds
Seated cable row (10 reps)
Incline push up on bench (10 reps)
Dumbbell side lunge (6 reps per leg)
C. Repeat all exercises for 3 rounds
Cable triceps pushdown (15 reps)
Dumbbell alternating arm bicep curl (10 reps per arm)
Air squats (30 reps)

Full Body 3
Repeat both exercises for 5 rounds
Seated cable pulldown (8 reps)
Push up (10 reps)
B. Repeat all exercises for 4 rounds
Standing split stance single arm cable row (10 reps per arm)
Dumbbell goblet walking lunge (15 reps per leg)
Seated dumbbell overhead press (15 reps)
C. Repeat both exercises for 2 rounds
Front plank to push up (12 reps)
Front plank with knee up (15 reps per leg)
Alternating jump lunges (30 seconds)

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