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danskin, walmart

danskin, walmart

danskin, walmart

Danskin, Walmart

Danskin, Walmart

Danskin, Walmart

Danskin, Walmart

Danskin, Walmart

Danskin, Walmart

Danskin, Walmart

Danskin, Walmart

Cooler temps are on the way. Please tell me you are as excited as I am about this. Evenings here in Texas are starting to drop down a little. By that I mean I can finally put on these Danskin sweat pants and alight weight jacket to match. Bring on the layering too. Thanks to Danskin I am staying cozy also. This fall you can bet I’ll be sharing a lot more love for this brand.

Now on to our second month of training with Brandon. I truly hope you enjoyed last month’s post. I love hearing from you all so keep up the good work and continue updating me on your progress. You all are doing great!

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Written by: Brandon Cole

Ok guys, hope you’re on a nice roll of getting that workout time in weekly and eating slowly during most meals. Because we’re back for Phase 2, we are building on the prior month with new workouts and nutrition habits to practice.

This month we’re sticking with the four gym workouts (two upper body and two lower body workouts) but this time we’re adding an extra day of aerobic cardio. Which means I want you to keep a target heart rate of between 120-150 beats per minute throughout the entire workout. You should be able to breathe exclusively through your mouth in this heart rate zone. If you find yourself having to breathe through your mouth, then slow down a bit until your heart recovers and you are able to breathe through your nose again. You can also use a heart rate monitor if you have one. It’s up to you to pick what type of activity you use as the cardio portion of the workout. It can be bike riding, stair climbing, hiking, rowing, swimming, hill running or any type of indoor cardio options that you prefer. But if you can take this workout to the outdoors that would be best.

The nutrition habit for this phase is to stop eating when you are 80% full. Sound easy? It isn’t. I’ll list more details as well as some tips to make this a success in the program section below.

Phase 2 Program

Workouts: Two Upper Body and Two Lower Body Weight Training Days. One day of Aerobic Activity (Five workouts total per week)

Nutrition Habit: Stop eating when 80% full

This habit pairs perfectly with the slow eating habit you learned last phase. If you’ve been practicing the slow eating habit consistently, then you should have a pretty good feeling for what almost full (about 80%), full (100%) and stuffed (over 100%) feels like. Stopping when you’re about 80% full means you feel like you could maybe eat bit more, but if you stopped right now, you’d feel pretty satisfied and ready to keep moving. Eating past this usually leaves you feeling sluggish and ready for a nap. Even though this is a super simple habit in principle, it can be very difficult to follow through with. We have this weird instinct that makes us want to eat until we’re stuffed, or until all the food that’s in front of us is gone. So just a heads up there’s going to be some uneasiness with this one. You’re going to have to fight the urge to keep reaching for the fork because you feel like you’re missing out. Just take a few breaths and tell yourself that you’ll wait 5 minutes. And if you’re still hungry, you can have some more. This habit is powerful because it starts to get you cued into what’s really driving your appetite. If you’re at a restaurant, ask the server to box up whatever’s left as soon as you reach the 80% point. That way there’s no temptation to keep nibbling. Start with just one or two meals a day like this. Then as you build confidence and consistency, you can increase the frequency of meals you do this with. Eventually this will be second nature and you won’t even think twice about it.


Workout Notes:

**Do all exercises listed in the A block together first, then B block exercises next, and then finally C.

**Always use as much weight / resistance as you can handle without compromising form.

**Rest minimally. Less than 30 seconds between rounds and exercises.

**It’s recommended to schedule the workouts as such. However, you can arrange the workouts to fit your schedule as needed.


Monday – Lower body 1

Tuesday – Upper Body 1

Wednesday – Off

Thursday – Lower Body 2

Friday – Upper Body 2

Saturday – Aerobic Workout 30-90 minutes

Sunday – Off or light activity

** For all the workouts you can do the following exercises as a warm up. Or choose your own.

3 rounds (Perform each exercise back to back with less than 30 seconds rest in between)

Fetal Position Breathing – 30 seconds

Bear Crawl – 30-45 seconds

Floor glute bridge – 20 reps

Squat to stand – 5 reps


Workout 1: Lower Body 2

  1. Repeat both exercises for 6 rounds.
  • Dumbbell deadlift (8 reps)
  • Dumbbell rear foot elevated split squat (6 reps per leg)


  1. Repeat all exercises for 4 rounds.
  • Walking dumbbell lunge (15 reps per leg)
  • Single leg dumbbell Romanian deadlift (8 reps per leg)
  • Dumbbell goblet step up (12 reps per leg)


  1. Repeat all exercises for 3 rounds.
  • Single leg front plank (20 seconds each leg)
  • Bird dog (10 reps per side)
  • Side plank (30 seconds per side)


Workout 2: Upper Body 1


  1. Repeat both exercises for 6 rounds.
  • Dumbbell renegade row (6 reps per arm)
  • Push up (6 reps)


  1. Repeat all exercises for 5 rounds.
  • Neutral grip seated cable row (12 reps)
  • Bodyweight inverted row (8 reps)
  • Dumbbell single arm overhead press (10 reps per arm)


  1. Repeat both exercises for 3 rounds.
  • Ab wheel roll out (10 reps)
  • Dead bug (15 reps per side)


Workout 3: Lower Body 2


  1. Repeat both exercises for 8 rounds.
  • Dumbbell goblet squat (6 reps)
  • Dumbbell reverse lunge (6 reps)


  1. Repeat all exercise for 5 rounds.
  • Dumbbell goblet split squat (8 reps per leg)
  • Dumbbell side lunge (8 reps per leg)
  • Single leg hip thrust (10 reps per leg)


  1. Repeat all exercises for 3 rounds.
  • Front plank with single leg hip extension (15 reps per leg)
  • Mountain climbers (30 seconds)
  • Russian twist with weight plate (30 seconds)


Workout 4: Upper Body 2

  1. Repeat both exercises for 6 rounds.
  • Dumbbell single arm chest press (8 reps per arm)
  • Single arm dumbbell row (8 reps per arm)


  1. Repeat all exercises for 3 rounds.
  • Cable face pull (15 reps)
  • Standing dumbbell overhead press (10 reps)
  • Standing dumbbell bicep curl (10 reps)
  • Lying dumbbell triceps extension (10 reps)


  1. Repeat all exercises for 3 rounds.
  • Salute plank (30 seconds)
  • Bird dog (10 reps per side)
  • Bicycle crunch (30 seconds)




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