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Happy Friday Fitness! This week took a whole new turn bringing on new Fitness goals. As promised I will finish the next two posts with Brandon and my Danskin outfits. But be on the look out for my new fitness goal with my trainer. 

I wanted to wear my latest Danskin purchase on my little road trip with Aaron and his friend Snyder. We went to see Jacob’s Well. It’s a little outside of Austin which is about 3 hours from me. We got up super early and hit the pavement. Jacob’s Well was much smaller than I thought it would be but none the less cool. The morning started off pretty cold so I was happy I ordered the Danskin long sleeve shirt. For $8, what’s stopping everyone from having this top. It comes in other colors as well. I ventured out on the leggings and went for a matching print. I love the deep purple. I have to admit, I am loving all my new Danskin pieces. I have been ordering them online but there is a Wal-Mart down the freeway from me and I have been thinking of going there next to check out my December outfit. 

Needless to say, I was very comfortable in this outfit and felt very confident in my bright colored shoes…just in case I got lost. 

Now on to Brandon’s write up:


We’re into Phase 3 and hopefully by now you have a solid foundation of workouts and are becoming more mindful of your eating habits. It’s also November. Which means it’s the official start of the holiday season. Parties, lots of food, and traveling are going to be on the agenda for the next couple of months. So remember to prepare and plan for it. If you’re going to a holiday party and there’s potential that a huge temptation will arise to overeat, just continue the ‘slow eating’ and ‘stopping at 80% full’ nutrition habits we worked on. You don’t have to turn down all of the delicious food being served, but if you eat mindfully and at a slower pace you’ll manage to leave the party without feeling overstuffed and gross (and probably full of regret).

Also, if you know you’re going to be traveling, search for some gym or park locations near the area you’ll be staying in. Or just do a quick at-home workout. Even if it’s just a short bodyweight workout, it’s totally fine. The point is to stick as close to your workout routine as possible and most importantly to keep moving.

OK now on to the program.
In this phase we’re doing full body workouts three times a week, with two of those days focusing on cardio. One cardio day will be a high intensity interval sprint day. The other will be your regular aerobic day similar to the last phase.

For the high intensity interval sprint workout, you can choose from a bike (spin cycle works the best), rowing machine, battling ropes, tire flip, sled push/drag, treadmill sprint, hill sprint, or track sprint.

After a light 5-10 minute warm up, you’re going to go all out for 10 seconds working at about 90% max intensity. Then recover for 60 seconds. Do this for 10 total rounds. It gets pretty tough as you approach round 6 or 7. But try and keep the intensity at 90% for all the rounds!

The nutrition habit in this phase is to eat at least 5 servings of colorful fruits and veggies per day. More details below.

Phase 3 Program

Workouts (5 per week): 
Three Full Body Weight Training Days
One day of Aerobic Activity (30-90 minutes)
One day of High Intensity Interval Sprints (10 rounds of 10 seconds work, 60 seconds rest)

Nutrition Habit: Eat at least 5 servings of fruits and veggies each day

Since we’re trickling into the holiday season, lots of feasts, and gatherings, I want to focus on what to include rather than take away. Trying too hard to restrict your diet during this season can lead to a lot of unnecessary stress…and usually overeating once the cravings get too out of control in the face of all that temptation. So let’s focus on the opposite. For this habit I want you to focus on adding at least 5 servings of colorful fruits and veggies to your day. It doesn’t matter how you break up the servings throughout the day, but do try to have more veggies than fruit on the majority of days. Here’s how you can measure a serving of veggies: Make a fist – that’s one serving. Now make a cupped hand – that’s one serving of fruit. This works because your hand goes everywhere with you, making it easy to measure wherever you are, and it’s relative to your body size. Large hands = large bodies. Small hands = small bodies. Don’t forget to try and go with a wide variety and colorful mixture of fruits and veggies.

Workout Notes:
**Do all exercises listed in line A together first, then line B exercises next, and then finally C.
**Always use as much weight / resistance as you can handle without compromising form.
**Rest minimally (less than 30 seconds between rounds and exercises).
**It’s recommended to schedule the workouts as such. However, you can arrange the workouts to fit your schedule as needed.

Monday – Full Body 1
Tuesday – Aerobic Workout 30-90 minutes
Wednesday – Full Body 2
Thursday – Off or light activity
Friday – Full Body 3
Saturday – High Intensity Interval Sprints
Sunday – Off or light activity

Workout 1: Full Body 1

A. Repeat both exercises for 5 rounds
Dumbbell single leg deadlift (8 reps per leg)
Push up (8 reps)
B. Repeat all exercises for 5 rounds
Dumbbell bench press (12 reps)
Bent over dumbbell row (15 reps)
Dumbbell squat to overhead press (15 reps)
C. Repeat all exercises for 4 rounds
Mountain climbers (30 seconds)
Front plank with hip extension (15 reps per leg)
Ab wheel (10 reps)

Workout 2: Full Body 2
A. Repeat both exercises for 5 rounds
Dumbbell goblet squat (12 reps)
Inverted body row (8 reps)
B. Repeat all exercises for 4 rounds
Seated cable row (10 reps)
Dumbbell reverse lunge (8 reps per leg)
Plank to push up (10 reps)
Dumbbell goblet side lunge (8 reps per leg)
C. Repeat all exercises for 3 rounds
Salute plank (20 seconds)
Squat thrusts (10 reps)
Side plank with leg abduction (20 seconds per side)

Workout 3: Full Body 3
A. Repeat both exercises for 5 rounds
Cable seated pulldown (12 reps)
Dumbbell goblet rear foot elevated split squat (8 reps per leg)
B. Repeat all exercises for 4 rounds
Split stance single arm cable chest press (15 reps per arm)
Cable face pull (15 reps)
Cable Pallof press (15 reps per side)
C. Repeat both exercises for 2 rounds
Dumbbell biceps curls (15 reps)
Cable triceps pushdown (AMRAP-As Many Reps As Possible)

*This post was sponsored by Danskin Now




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