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I can’t believe I am actually writing this so early into my Soul Cycle experience. I thought it would be 4 months to never that I would take a chance on the front row but I did it! What had happen was… there were no other spots in the time frame I needed. There was on front row and it was next to the wall. Thank goodness Chanelle was the teacher. She had my back and took good care of me. She has a way of pumping me and pushing me to my max. It’s that Brandon Cole (my trainer, for those of you who don’t know) way. 

I loved the front row so much so that I did it again this week. Now, let’s all be honest here. I am no where near bold enough or good enough yet to jump in on those front-middle sacred spots…yet. I’ll get there. 

My goal in the next month is to learn how to pick up my speed on fast songs. I just can’t seem to hold the rhythm the entire time. Listen, it’s hard! Those quadruple times still fell like bike is going to fly off the brackets. But if you know anything about me then you know that a warrior and don’t lie to fail at a challenge. So challenge accepted Soul Cycle!

(Image below, no editing, just filtered. But don’t be too fooled, ha. This was two minutes after class and I was pumped. Goal-to look like this before Soul

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  • January 30, 2017

    Melissa M

    Awesome, I’ve been wanting to try Soul Cycle. Also would love to check out the new Top Golf in the Four Seasons.