Groom Gifting (For All Men)

As a future bride-to-be the idea of gifting my fiancé is a bit more exciting this year. Since our wedding is just around the corner we decided to not get too extravagant this year. We decided to gift each other with whatever will fit into stocking. When I mentioned this idea to Aaron he chuckled and said, “all women gifts get more expensive the smaller they get.” He’s got a point there. On the other hand, the perfect guy gift can be a bit taxing. Here are some ideas I thought would help and save on brainstorming time. 

Plus, I thought I’d share a little about Aaron so you can get to know him a little better. 

P.S. Please do not send this post to Aaron, as these are gift going into his stocking. Pease and thank you.

Gloves: Aaron is a big snowboard junky. He’s a happy camper when shredding the side of a mountain and riding the rails. Which I am perfectly okay with, until we have kids. We can revisit this talk then. He has all he needs when it comes to boarding gear but not so much for the evening times by the fire and when we head out to dinner. He’s been a single man and could use a fashionista’s touch. 

Mens Gloves

Mens Gloves

No show socks: The big trend these days for men is shoes without socks. The secret is to wear no show sock to keep those shoes from getting stinky! Oh and one extra piece of knowledge I’ve learned is that it must be a good brand. Otherwise they slip off when you walk. I found these by Sperry that should do the trick.

No Show Socks

No Show Socks


Tommy John: Anything from here works. It’s Aaron’s go to. Calvin is great but he swears by the comfort of Tommy John. Look for long sleeve shirt too. Those are both warm and fun to snuggle up against. 

Tommy John

Soap: Now this can’t be just any soap. Last Sunday Aaron and I were walking around Market Square, in The Woodlands and checked out l’occitane. Aaron loved all the scent of the soaps.

L'Occitane SoapHand Soap

Shaving kit sets: The Art of Shaving is one of my favorite to smell. It’s very masculine and the men in my life seem to like this line the best. Makes for a great gift for brothers as well. 

The Art of Shaving

The Man Bag: Remember the Friends episode with Joey and his bag? Well here’s the clip in case you don’t and it’s also a great gift idea. 

Aaron loves his Tumi Man-purse. Yes, we make that joke every trip we take. I’m not gonna lie. I actually love this bag. It’s very metro and I love that look on my man. 

Man Purse

Here’s one that’s a little more budget friendly.

Mans crossbody


Golfer’s Tool Belt: Aaron’s favorite sport is golf. He’s out there as much as possible. Bless his heart. With wedding planning now if full gear he isn’t playing as much as he’s like to but don’t let that fool you. He will take off work during the week to hit the course.

Aaron is a gadget guy and also loves his range finder. This is a pricy gift but if your man loves gold then he will love this as much as Aaron loves his.  

Golf rangefinder


Golf Belt

Mark and Graham


Shoe shine Kit:


Shoe Shine Kit
Mark and Grahamn

Luggage Tag: This is a gift you can personalize and also something a man probably would get for himself. That adds an extra special touch to it. Luggage Tags
Mark and Graham


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