Hillbilly Hearthrob

(Photo CredChris Brown)

Shirt: Southward Vest: Madewell

Shorts: J Brand

Necklace: Prima Donna (similiar) 

Shoes: K. Jaques

“Hillbilly” …that’s right. I think this tee gives off a fun, witty vibe. In a way, this photoshoot made me feel like a kid again. Picking flowers in my pink mini-shorts and wedge sandals while strolling along the sidewalk…life is good.


Don’t let your age determine your fashion choices. You can still have fun, wear plenty of bright colors, and show some skin.


Be a hillbilly, be proud, and stay young inside.

AshLee Frazier

AshLee Frazier has found the recipe to live and love with a lot of style, a splash of simplicity and a hint of structure. She is on a mission to share the love by creating a lifestyle Heaven online that will inspire a Love it! Life.

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