Lace and Seoul | Bachelor Week 4 Recap

How I spent my Monday night: watching “The Bachelor” of course, and live tweeting throughout the entire episode. Nothing better than tweeting my faves from the show and hearing what you guys have to say.

Let’s talk about the spunky outfits from the Korean pop group. JPG looked like a hunkier version of Justin Beiber with his red pants and high tops. As for the girls, they either belonged in a kids cartoon show, or in a Katy Perry video prancing around in rainbow crop tops and striped leggings. With that said, I’d accept that date over a freezing lake any day of the week.

Sharleen and Juan hit downtown Seoul for a casual one-on-one afternoon, where she wore a simple black tank and complimentary striped shorts. Later on, Sharleen changed into a sultry LLBD (that stands for lacy, low-cut-back black dress). But is she into Juan? She might have belted an opera solo, but she’s pitted as the uninterested girl who’s already over him. The group date girls battled for Juan’s attention and for the title of Bachelor fashionista. Kat looked beautiful in red and was not shy about letting JPG know what he’d be getting. I was, however, in love with Chelsie’s white eyelet dress.

Until next week.

P.S. Oh, and Lauren, welcome to the Bachelor family.

AshLee Frazier

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