Langham Place Hotel

When it comes to Fashion Week deciding where to stay is a huge part of the gig. Finding a hotel in the right location, with the right amount of space for me to organize all my belongings, alone with proper service is key to having a successful and stress free stay.

This year I decided to make my home away from home at Langham Place on 5th between W. 36th and W. 37th St. When you stay in a hotel like this you don’t won’t want to go home and you end up more spoiled than the average.

There are some major key points that set Langham Place apart from other hotels I’ve stayed at in New York. Here are some bullet points that won me over.

  • Hospitality: Any time you passed a hotel employee you received a proper greeting. Some even included using “Ms. Frazier.”
  • Bellhops: When requesting a rolling rack and steamer it was brought to the room in less than 5 minutes
  • Clean and quiet hallways.
  • Complimentary: Coffee in the lobby.
  • Snacks: Located in lobby (including skittles which I attacked each day), free of charge
  • Manners: Opening of doors in and out of hotel
  • Turn down service: Consist of music in room, water bottle with glass next to bed, slippers next to each side of the bed and a cookie on the nightstand
  • Gym: Includeds everything one needs
  • Restaurant: Ai Fiori- an oasis of sophistication, as well as a Michelin-starred Restaurant
  • Space: Suites consist of 5 closets, living room and kitchen
  • Breathtaking views













Images by: Ashley Streff

*Note: This is NOT a paid post but my personal opinion and love for Langham Place.

AshLee Frazier

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