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Dangggg AshLee. Back at it again with TruSelf Organics. I can’t say no to a product that makes my skin baby soft and healthy as can be. I’m revisiting my skin routine by using TruSelf’s Detoxifying Mask Kit to pull all those damaging toxins out of my skin.This is a must when I travel. While in Houston this weekend for the Final Four games, you can bet I’m finding time to detox.

Everything by TruSelf is 100% organic, cruelty-free, vegan, and all natural, so I have no qualms about smearing this mask all over my face, even if I look like the Hulk for a little.

You’ll feel your face getting tight and you might not be able to move your face too much, but that means it’s working. For all my Snapchat followers (snapchat: ashleefrazier), I did a step by step process on my snap story. Yep, I’ll captured the whole thing on my iPhone for everyone to see, with a before and after look at my skin. If you missed it, here’s a recap!

The routine is simple.

  1. Rinse your face
  2. Mix the mask power with water
  3. Smooth onto your face, and let dry!

Everything on TruSelf’s website is 20% off. But even better? I have a special discount exclusively for my readers. Use discount code ASH25 to get 25% off! Yes, more discounts for my lovely readers!

You’ll see a familiar face up there as well…Andi Dorfman from Josh’s season is a TruSelf ambassador who also swears by it. Check it out for yourself!




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