On The Road Again

Happy Friday! We made it. This has been a world wind of a week. Right smack dab in the middle of a busy week, I got up early Wednesday morning and drove to Dallas. I really enjoy that drive. It’s a chance for me to get in all my phone conferences as well as call everyone in my family. Of course it is easier when you miss traffic between the two cities. Hints why I got up super early in the morning.

Once I got into Dallas, I went straight to the RewardStyle office to say hello to my account manager. Then I met with Mary (from SoThenTheySay) at The Honor Bar. I love that girl. She has an amazing travel blog. If you enjoy traveling then check out her blog. Some of you who have been following me for a while will remember that Mary was my photographer before Ashley Streff took over. 

After meeting with Mary I went back to the hotel to meet with Amy from Accessory Concierge. We had an amazing pow wow, discussing other bloggers, tips for one another and basically catching up on one another’s lives. So much has happened since they hosted that dreaded Bachelor in Paradise season premier. Oh you remember…the one that didn’t shine the best light on me. Looking back I have a gazillion jokes about how that clearly wasn’t my voice. I was so in shocked at the time that I didn’t know how to deal with it. Plus, I was threatened by BIP to not speak. Boy, the things I’ve learned since then. I should do a Bachelor blog post. It would be to all the new contestants on the things you’re told you can’t do but clearly can. One being tweet and post. Ugh, the agony of being a rule follower.  

Now back to my 24 hours in Dallas. Before leaving on Thursday I stopped by the Accessory Concierge store and pulled some new jewelry. I can’t wait to show you all everything I got. 

Starting now: I have a special 50% off code “ashleelovesac” you can use on this adorable tassle bag charm I’ll be wearing tomorrow to the in-laws. Pool time here I come.







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