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AshLee Frazier

Texas Sweater Weather

Now we are talking Texas! This weather is incredible. We rarely get cool evenings and hot days. It’s not like I HATE the heat but add humidity and scorching hot mornings and it’s a recipe for a bad attitude day….

Earth Day : Weekend Edition

Being that it was Earth Day Saturday I wanted to do something fun and document my new herb garden on my blog. Ever since Aaron and I got married I’ve been able to ramp up my cooking game. All my recipes tend to…


One thing Aaron and I do on the weekend is head to the mall and do a little shopping after a good brunch and glass of wine. This combinations can sometimes be amazing and sometimes not the best idea when you’re…

Times Flies

Time sure does seem to be flying fast these days. I thought after wedding planning that things would slow down. I thought I wouldn’t know what to do with myself with no lists to look at. That’s not the case…