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AshLee Frazier

Uneventful, Yet Exciting

Hello Monday readers. This weekend was pretty uneventful. Other than a network meeting on Friday (and missing my girlfriends party), Aaron and I were able to stay home all weekend. I needed this in a major way. I have started my research…


I am finally back on track with the blog and it feels so good. Thank you all for the love and well wishes you gave to me and Aaron. We really love you all and appreciate your support.  Now on…

Yes you May

Hello May! You are a very welcomed month. The trees are lush (at least here in my Houston bungalow yard) and the birds are chirping. And I am finally able to wear all those cute sleeveless tops I’ve been stocking…

Texas Sweater Weather

Now we are talking Texas! This weather is incredible. We rarely get cool evenings and hot days. It’s not like I HATE the heat but add humidity and scorching hot mornings and it’s a recipe for a bad attitude day….