I am finally back on track with the blog and it feels so good. Thank you all for the love and well wishes you gave to me and Aaron. We really love you all and appreciate your support. 

Now on to todays look. I was at Nordstrom last week looking for a belt when I passed this darling shirt by Rails. Rails is probably the only button down I can buy that doesn’t require alterations. Wanna hear something funny? I have worn this shirt 3 times already. Once on Saturday when A and I went to the movies. Then I wore it to church Sunday with the same Hudson Denim skirt I posted on Tuesday and then Monday to dinner (photos below are from my sushi dinner with my love). Needless to say I love this shirt

I like to play this mind game with myself (and now Aaron) and break down an item by cost per wear. So as of now this shirt cost me $50 a wear. If I wear it 15 times then it’s only $15 a wear. Eventually it will basically be the brand paying me to wear it! 

Aaa, the life and mind of a blogger. 

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