One thing Aaron and I do on the weekend is head to the mall and do a little shopping after a good brunch and glass of wine. This combinations can sometimes be amazing and sometimes not the best idea when you’re saving to buy a house. Aaron’s been known for buying something and then hating it, ha. When Aaron and I first started dating ( a few year back) his wardrobe wasn’t the best representation of him. So needless to say we’ve not only been shopping for my blog but also amping up his style. 

Today’s outfit is one of Aaron’s favorites. He loves the J. Crew preppy look. Wait until I start incorporating him into my blog…you’ll see. Aaron is very preppy himself. And I love it!

Also, I wanted to share with you all some fun jewelry I got over on Bracha. Seems like the pompom’s are not only on handbags and dresses but on jewelry too. We are heading to Hawaii in a few months and I just had to have some pop of color! Bracha has graciously given me a 20% discount code for you all in celebration of spring and all things in color. 

CODE: ashleelovesbracha





AshLee Frazier

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