Ready. Set. Nails.

Let’s have a play date. Nail polish style. Painting nails never gets old. Admit it, painting your nails is probably one of the few activities you don’t outgrow as you get older. Sparkles, metallic sheen, hot pink…bring it on.


Ever go nail polish crazy and try to do too much at once? You paint each nail a different color, then you start painting your toes or something, desperate for more nail¬†surface area to paint. That’s the beauty of choosing a nail color though. You have to be very precise, and you have to make sure it fits your mood.



Today I opted for a nude polish from OPI. Nude colors go with any look, and all it is really is adding a sheen to your nails, giving them more texture and visibility. Below you’ll see a small collection of some of my Essie faves. I can’t get over how adorable the Essie brand is, especially with their kitschy names like “Dress to Kilt,” which is a crimson red polish, or “Secret Story,” which is a neon pink lacquer. They market their nail polishes based off of a certain mood they’re trying to convey, and it certainly works for suckers like me.¬†image


Colors: OPI Bubble Bath + Essie Butler Please + Essie Dress to Kilt + Essie Secret Story + Set in Stones + Orly Top 2 bottom

AshLee Frazier

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