Revealing The Open Back Top

They say leave something to the imagination and the open back top does just that. Having the back of a shirt open is fun, flirty and sexy all at the same time. Unfortunately, I bought my top from Forever 21 for my Hawaii honeymoon and it sold out the day I posted it on my Instastory. So, I decided to show you some other fun revealing tops I like when it comes to the open back look. Remember when I wore the white Zara open back top when I lived in Los Angeles (post)? Apparently this type shirt is here to stay. I’m not complaining. 

Leaving something to the imagination

The revealing open back is something I could get use with this Texas weather. It’s definitely breezy and comfortable. How may times can this top be worn without over doing it? The first time I wore this was when Aaron and I went to Andaz, Maui for dinner. Being that Tuesday was the Fourth of July it was only appropriate to wear a pop of red, right? Twice in one week is okay. It’s been washed! 

Tops under $100

Since my Forever 21 top was sold out I found a slew of other shirts that are similar in style. You can ‘t beat these prices either. Sometime with trends it’s worth buying at a lower price point when you will only be wearing it a few times. The open back shirt stands out in a crowd. 


AshLee Frazier

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