Soul Cycle // One Month Later

I want to end the year off strong and talk about my first month taking Soul Cycle. My transformation has not only been physical but mental and emotional as well. I believe that when you change your mind-set in your life everything around you falls into place. When people talk about Soul Cycle now to me the word soul has taken on a new meaning. 

Working hard towards being in shape or towards a goal can change your mind about what you eat. Then that turns into feeling better. Then that turns into being happy! It’s a full circle. So what is there to lose? I love that we are also talking about this right when the new year is about to start too. 

How my body has changed in one month is probably what many of you really want to know. I have seen a difference. There are two things about this I want to share.

One is my endurance is definitely better. Remember, before December I did not do any cardio. Yes, the classes were hard (and still are) but as you take classes you learn more and more about how to position yourself on the bike and that you can go at your own pace if you have to. There is a technique to it though. I am really tough on myself so I spent the month learning, watching and asking lots of questions. Believe it or not you can make riding a bike harder. We will have to talk more about this as I share more of my wedding training with you all the next few months.

The second thing is that slowly I am starting to see my abs! Yes, yes, yes, I know that abs are made in the kitchen. But go back to what I said at the beginning of this write up. When you work out hard you are more aware of what you put in your body. Everything around you will start to fall into place where it should be in your life. Working out hard for me doesn’t mean, “yay, I can eat junk food now.” For me working out hard means, I’ve worked too hard to put crap back in and not see the full results of my hard work. 

So there you have it, my first month adding Soul Cycle to my training with Brandon. Brandon and I are training 4-5 days a week now and I’m taking Soul-Cycle classes 2-3 times a week. If any of you are in the Houston area and want to join me at the Memorial or River Oaks area, let me know and we can do this together!

AshLee Frazier

AshLee Frazier has found the recipe to live and love with a lot of style, a splash of simplicity and a hint of structure. She is on a mission to share the love by creating a lifestyle Heaven online that will inspire a Love it! Life.

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  • January 30, 2017


    So many Houstonians talking about Soul Cycle! One of these days I WILL make it out to try.

    I’m also wanting to try Orangetheory fitness in Houston.

    I did finally try out Mizu, and if you ever try it out, I’d love to hear your feedback!