Stripes Of Happiness

red white and blue, stripes, happiness, smile, pray, blog relaunch

One thing that I can tell you is stripe clothing is here and it’s here to stay! Who doesn’t love stripes? I love stripes so much that I have a Pinterest board filled with inspiration. My personal favorite, black and white.

Today’s post is about the red white and blue stripes that represent us as American’s. I want to talk to you about our freedom. Our freedom to be happy. It’s seems we are living in a trying day. We live under this umbrella of fear and confusion. The Bible specifically tells us that fear is not of The Lord. I want to set this post as a reminder that we are called to cast our cares, fears and anxiety upon God, for He will sustain you. Psalms 55:22, Bible Gateway

If there is one thing I know for sure it’s that God has a plan for us as a society, country and as individuals. We are blessed to be living in America. We have freedoms we take advantage of. We can go as we please and speak as we will. Money is a luxury to us, even those that have very little. America isn’t living in poverty. America needs to rise up and realize what is in our hands. 

Now I don’t want this post to be on a political soapbox. I want it to be something that pulls at your heart strings as a reminder to love one another. Be happy. Give grace to one another. Share your heart. Share your love.

I’ve been doing a Bible study on happiness. Honestly, I’m not sure what got me started on it. Whatever it was, I had no idea how much of a reminder I personally needed about happiness. 

I look at the last year of my life and while I’m overly thankful and know that I am beyond blessed, it went so fast that I hardly took time to enjoy the little happy moments. What I am learning with this Bible Study is to slow down and find joy in the small things. I choose happiness. Aaron can’t make me happy. My father can’t make me happy. I have to choose it. Life can sometimes get in the way of that choice. 

Here are 5 ways in which will help you to focused on happiness.

  1. Before getting out of bed each morning, think of some things that you are grateful for.
  2. Set a reminder in the middle of the day to get up and stretch. Take deep breaths and thank God for that air.
  3. Compliment someone on something that either has helped you or that they do to make you happy.
  4. Smile
  5. Pray for God to restore your heart

Now let me elaborate here. These are not always easy things to remember to do. Trust me, I forget. I have to set alarms on my phone to help me remember. Because if I forget one day, then that day turns into two, then three and before you know it I am completely out of the habit. 

The best thing you can do for your heart in the morning is to fill it with joy. Thinking of positive and uplifting thoughts sets your attitude for the rest of the day. 

Deep breaths are something I thought only yogis did. But try it for one week and see what type of headspace it puts you in. It’s an incredible thing. Take a walk outside for 2-5 min. Reports show that the sun helps boost energy. If you don’t believe me, just try it for yourself and see what happens. 

Complimenting others is not only good manners but it makes others feel amazing. You know that feeling, when someone tell you something great that you did. Or how about when you get praised for making someone fell good about x, y and z. Guys, this is a powerful tool in life. If you use it, this WILL come back to you. I promise. People gravitate towards good energy. Want to impress people, try letting them tell you about themselves and not the other way around. Listen and speak only when the time permits. Did you hear me? Listen. That is the key. Being a friend or a companion to someone is a very special position to hold in life. Make someones day special. You’ll find sweet joy in this. 

Smile. We’ve all known this since we were children. Your parents and teachers would tell you to smile. Turn that frown upside down, they’d say. If you weren’t reared to smile at strangers then let me teach you something. Smiles are contagious! It’s the craziest thing, the power this smile things has. It can make or break someones day. Yeah, I know. That’s hard to believe but think about it. If you catch someones eye walking down the street (this applies to my beloved New Yorkers to) and they smile at you, how do you feel? If it’s a gooooood smile then you smile back and feel good about yourself. You think about that smile, don’t you. Why? Because it rare and we don’t get it enough. We need to do this more. I’m not asking you to hug a stranger. I’m simply saying to share a smile. Its good for your own heart too. 

Lastly, I want to remind you to pray. The only way to get through struggles is to rely on God. There really just isn’t any other way around it. God wants us to need him. He is our rock, fortress and provider. He and He alone will fill our hearts with happiness that oozes out of our words, actions, fellowship and our hearts. So, talk to Him. If it’s been a while, that’s okay. It’s never too late to call Christ and talk to him. He will and wants to fill your heart with joy. 

I say all this to say, thank you. Thank you to each one of you that follow my life. You all really bring a fun aspect to my world. I love when you write in or leave your comments, rather it be here or on my social media channels. As I leap into this next chapter of blogging I want to share more with you all. I want to open up and be more transparent. You see things on social media but it’s just a small glimpse into peoples real lives. 

In July I am relaunching my blog. I am dropping the Frazier (although the blog will still be and going with just AshLee. Along side the new blog I am bringing you a whole new perspective. The blog will have a new look to it as well as more interactions from me. I’ll be sharing more of Aaron outfits (for those of you ladies that like to shop for your man), our home, my travel perspective, and hopefully one day our family. And I can’t leave out the giveaways and loads of discounts I’ll be offering. I couldn’t be more excited about this. It’s all thanks to you. Yeah, YOU! Because of your dedication to my love for fashion I’m able to expand my brand to more of a lifestyle. 

It’s going to be a fun ride…so hop on board. I wouldn’t want you to miss anything. If there is something specific you want me to write about don’t hesitate to ask. I like to think I have a more open door policy now. 

Until next time lovies.

happiness, blog relaunch, Stripe

Happiness, Stripes

Stripes, happiness

red white and blue, stripes, happiness,

Stripes, red white blue, happiness,

stripes, red white blue, happiness


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