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Oh boy! I may be in trouble because there are so many weekend online sales going on. Aaron is staying at his parents house doggy sitting for them while they are out of town. Meanwhile, I’m left to my computer to shop. Seriously, there are so many online sales going on. I’ve been shopping the Loft lately. They have really amped up there looks and style. For one they have a pair of light pink chunky heels I want. I will be taking full advantage of them as the time draws near on our summer vacations. Plus to add to this Nordstrom’s Half Yearly sale is still going on. I wrote about the Nordstrom sale a couple of weeks ago, sharing all my tops must haves with you all. 

We go to Hawaii on less than a month and I need to get Aaron some linen clothes. Several of these retails listed have online sales for linen clothes but I saw the best options at Macy’s. I found some shirts and some shorts for $15-$40. You can’t beat that sale. We also have several weekends we will be in Austin and he can wear these linen clothes there on the days it’s the hottest. AND… if all the cards line up right I’ll be heading to Cuba and having another blogger girlfriend of mine joining me. Pray the stars aline for this to happen. 

Vacation on the horizon

What’s a vacation with out lots of dresses. It feels as of I don’t ever have enough dresses to start with. Now that I am thinking about it, I may not have enough shirts either. This is always my personal dilemma, not having enough options for shirts and dresses. Dresses are really the best thing when you want to get ready in a hurry. You can still look like you completely put in a ton of effort into your look when really you just threw something on. I have lots of jeans and shorts but I get over shirts really quickly. Then they are off to Poshmark, leaving me with an empty closet to fill.

I’m trying to change up my wardrobe. I want to spruce it up some. The plan is to add more layers, handbags and sunglasses to each of my posts. This is something you all have been asking for so it’s time to deliver. 

I also need to pick up a few things for the house. Since moving in to our new house, which we are renting, I have been terrible at decorating. Hints why on my instagram stories you haven’t had a full tour of our house. I need a table, rugs, outdoor patio furniture and also some better drinking glasses. Needless to say here I’ll be taking advantage of the Pottery Barn and Williams Sonoma online sales that are going on as well. 

Needless to say, having Aaron gone for the weekend may turn out to be okay after all. I’ll get some shopping done and take full advantage of these online sales. 

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