Texas Fall

GUYS!! I know I’ve been MIA on the blog lately… *sigh. The last few weeks have been crazy hectic. Next week we head up to New York. Getting ready for a major trip takes a lot of work. I have been getting in a ton of outfits to shoot for you all. Some brands coming are Chaser, Tart Collection and Elliatt from Revolve. This week had been all about running errands. One being to get some pieces tailored to fit me just right. Are you like that too? Even if it fits, I still feel like it could use just a little tailoring to be perfect. 

Along with getting outfits and our itinerary ready, I also have some great jewelry pieces. My favorite and can’t wait to show you all is by Elizabeth Irvine. I’ve been checking out her line for quite some time now. I finally pulled the plug and ordered a new set of bracelets plus a necklace. You’ll be seeing tons of them throughout my social media. 

 New York is getting cooler but Texas is not quite on that level. We are currently getting the cool morning and the evenings have a nice light breeze. The crisp air isn’t here yet but it is in NYC. With the weather on the brink of fall in Houston it allows for shorts and blazers. This trend is big in the south. When I lived in Cali. I noticed it was a trend there as well. So, for those of you that get to enjoy this fashionable tend, enjoy it while you can. 







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