Texas Sweater Weather

Now we are talking Texas! This weather is incredible. We rarely get cool evenings and hot days. It’s not like I HATE the heat but add humidity and scorching hot mornings and it’s a recipe for a bad attitude day. Someone told me over the weekend that The Heights is a cooler part of town. I guess cooler by 1-2 degrees mattered to him. 

I bought this sweater from Urban Outfitters and only had a chance to wear it in Lake Tahoe. Feels good to be able to have an oversized sweater to wear with these boyfriend jeans from Topshop

Let me tell you about theses jeans! You’ll never believe this story. I was at Nordstrom and came across these “mom jeans,” tried them on and they fit. Boyfriend jeans don’t usually look good on me. Being that these fit and felt really good I had to get them, no matter the costs. Walking to the cashier counter I assumed they’d run me at least $100. Ummm, they were $4…AT NORDSTROM. You can imagine how excited I was. They were marked down to go to Nordstrom rack but somehow were missed. Total win for me!

Anyway, I couldn’t find them online but I did find other Topshop boyfriend jeans and this same pair but in skinny jeans. Keep me posted if you order a pair. 



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