The Bachelor | Episode Five

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Where to start with this week’s episode…

As I mentioned in my tweets Monday night, I’m fully aware that this show is edited and massively produced, but this week was actually really funny. If you pay careful attention, you can tell what’s real and what isn’t based on people’s reactions and body language, and just the plain ridiculousness of the scenario. Let’s take Jordan for instance. I doubt she drove all the way from her home state. She probably drove from the hotel to her date.

You might also notice that the producers are recycling date ideas this season, especially from my season. Our Canada date when we took the boats across the freezing lake seems familiar, doesn’t it?With all the money the show makes, you’d think they’d strive to be a little more original. I can personally think of 20 things right now that are outside of the norm. Then again, producers might be thinking, why fix what isn’t broken? Sure, keep it the same. I enjoy the unoriginality from these people.



Britt looks great here in a flannel top and red scarf. The girl has style, and I look forward to seeing what she’s going to wear. Unless you live under a rock, you know flannel is in right now. For women and men. I’ve listed a few of my favorites below.



Another very on trend look right now, both on the show and on just about everyone I know: Pink by Victoria’s Secret. With the fashion show that just happened, and with all the press the Victoria’s Secret Angels get, it’s no wonder every girl wants to emulate that kind of style. During my season, we had a ton of VS items in our swag bags. I know it’s in the girls’ bags they get when they arrive to the house this season.

If we’re supposed to learn anything after 18 seasons, it’s that you should always go to bed with your makeup on and your hair done. Because you never know when you might get a glamour shot. Or a not so glamorous shot. I seriously can’t stand the rude comments about Britt and her shower habits. Personally, I think it’s hateful and classless. This isn’t a private conversation between girlfriends in the comfort of your own living room. No, you’re on a show with 5 cameras facing you at all times.

Maybe I’m speaking deep down from hurt things people said about me behind my back. It really shows the maturity level behind the comments. I can only imagine those snarky, jealous words hurt Britt, whether she admits it or not. When I was on the show, I wasn’t going to let anything like that get me down. I couldn’t. I had to be strong and face all the cruel hatred blazing my way.


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Is it just me or is everything about this shot super awkward? Sorry Carly, love ya, but this chickadee in the background is killing the vibe.



What can I say about Kelsey? She is one strange lady. Bless her heart. I don’t know if this is her way of getting attention or if she just has bad social skills. I don’t want to sit here and bash the girl like the rest of America, but someone needs to sit her down and have a “come to Jesus” moment. That person shouldn’t be Tierra from my season. Eek. Looks like Kelsey tried to take a few notes from her already, and that didn’t seem to work out.

I was able to find some similar cocktail party red and silver dresses similar to the ones the girls wore on Monday night. Hey, if anything, the fashion is always a reason to watch the show if you’re tired of all the repeated drama.

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