The Bachelor | Episode Four

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Week 4 of Season 19. And 3 dates, might I add. This week consisted of sporty convertibles, a lakeside bikini extravaganza, and a topless gal? I’m not sure how often they air that stuff on the show, but this week Ashley I. stripped down. I got the insider scoop on her cute little outfit, a Brandy Melville crop top and Levi shorts straight from the 80s. And that cute swimsuit she found at a little beach bodega. Of course, being “natural” was just a ruse to get the girls to either get naked, or freak out about getting naked.

I feel like the producers are getting more and more crafty. This season they’ve already had Jimmy Kimmel host the show, and now they’re making the women do a mud run in wedding dresses. And let’s be honest…the wedding scene from last week was a total set up! Fact! Promise!




Wedding dresses aren’t meant to be ruined like that…it hurt to watch. I love white dresses, even if they’re not wedding-specific. I still think they have a beautiful, fresh look. I picked out a few white dresses for you here that definitely don’t deserve to get muddied.




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In the end, Jade gets the 1-on-1 with Chris, as chosen by his sisters. All the girls are jealous, naturally, especially because it has a princess/Cinderella theme. Jade ends up getting the rose, and yes she looked stunning in her blue dress and Louboutin heels. We learn that she was previously engaged as well. Jillian, unfortunately, gets the boot. It just wasn’t right.

There are so many great see-through Louboutin outs right now so I pulled several for you to look at.



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Shop the ball gown look:

Now I gotta give it to the beautiful Ashley I. When it comes to fashion and style this gal has it. So far…she’s my fashion pic this season. She’s like the Selma and AshLee of of my season. I can see it now, she’s gone through all her luggage ummm about 101 times and at this point has change close to 1200 times. Am I right, Ashley?


(image from



Swimsuit: You may have to find a side of the road beach shop for the exact one she wore but I found a similar for purchase here


(Image from

Dress: Sherri Hill (similar)

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(Images from

Top: Brandy Melville (similar + similar), Shorts: Levi’s 80’s vintage (similar + similar)

Also anybody wonder what was in those swag bags? Hoodies, that’s what I’m thinking. I’ll find out about those and get the info to you soon.


Until next week…

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