The Bachelor | Episode Two

It’s the second week of Season 19 of “The Bachelor.” By now you already know that Chris Soules, who was a finalist during Andi Dorfman’s season, is a country boy at heart. This week he took the girls to a tractor race. Ok, well, it’s a creative date for sure, but those tractors moved at the pace of a comatose snail.

I was more interested in eyeing the bikinis the girls were wearing. During my time on “Bachelor in Paradise,” I remember having to buy a bunch of bikinis and hearing from all kinds of brands who wanted to send me adorable swimwear. I found a few similar bikinis that I really think you’ll like. I tried to match them closely with what the girls wore, and I even found the same Black swimsuit top that Tandra wore.


We learned a lot about the girls this week. Lots of crazy cattiness, and lots of real sadness too. I’m particularly referring to Juelia and Megan. Stay strong girls. That’s the reality when you’re on the show. You’re immediately learning about all these peoples’ lives who you never knew before. Everyone has a journey and a story, and the fact is, being a contestant on the show means it will be publicized on national television. You knowingly make that choice when going into the show.

A few notable fashion moments I wanted to highlight, and share similar items with you:

  • Chris wore a “Real Men Wear Pink” shirt. Ha, love the boldness!
  • Mackenzie got a first date and wore a cute green shirt with overalls
  • Megan’s wrap around her waist

Photo Courtesy: ABC

Colorblock Swimsuit (Victoria’s Secret)



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