Top 4 Reasons Worth It is Worth It!

The new Year has brought on a lot of changes for me. One being structured financial goals. Now that a month and a half has gone by I feel stronger with the personal goals I’ve set. One being to think about my spending. Walk away and think about it. Chances are, I forget about that item I wanted and now I’ve saved.

As a blogger, I get lost in the world of online fashion pretty easily. If you haven’t noticed, technology is making it easier and easier to shop online, whether you’re on your laptop or your iPhone. It’s incredible, actually, which is why I’m excited about this handy app called Worth It website and app, which helps you find the absolute best shopping deals on the internet. I’ve been trying it out, and I’m already hooked. Why do I love this smart little tool?


1. You choose your price.

So let’s pretend you want a pair of Kate Spade heels. But you’re only willing to pay $100. As soon as those heels go on sale, Worth It alerts you. It may not be the price you’re looking for…yet, so Worth It will keep a close watch on ALL sales just in case something pops up.


2. You’ll save lots of time.

What’s really annoying is having to Google an item you want, and end up with hundreds of pages of results to sift through. Worth It filters through the virtual black hole that is the internet, and gives you the best deals.

3. You’ll shop at retailers you actually like. 

Let me name some of my favorite places to shop: Sephora, Nordstrom, Cusp, Neiman Marcus, and LuluLemon. Worth It has partnered with all these amazing stores and tons more. My guess is that this app will continue be a hit, and they’ll keep expanding their list of retailers.

AshLeeDec_3034. You’ll find more than just clothes.

Worth It isn’t just for clothing and accessories. You can search for everything from kitchenware to laptops, so if you need some practical items for school, work, or your household, it’s a good way to find some awesome deals.

I am obsessed with this app. It really has helped me stick to my 2015 goals. If you are anything like me and love saving and aren’t in a rush, then this is the app to have.

Keep me posted on your savings too. I wanna hear from you. I want to know how you save money. If this app helps you, keep me posted.

Check out Worth It co via website and app

AshLee Frazier

AshLee Frazier has found the recipe to live and love with a lot of style, a splash of simplicity and a hint of structure. She is on a mission to share the love by creating a lifestyle Heaven online that will inspire a Love it! Life.


  • February 11, 2015

    Donna Ross

    Love this, will check it out!!

  • February 23, 2015


    I’m going to check this out NOW. Me & my readers would love an app like that. I’m always on the hunt for a bargain so this is perfect. Thanks for sharing! xx andrea

    Fancy Her Style