Tru to Your Hair

Not too long ago TruSelf told me they were coming out with an organic shampoo and conditioner. You better believe I was on board, and the first one lined up to try it. I’m excited to see how their line expands as they include beauty products for the whole body. People are raving about their stuff! No wonder it’s getting so popular.


As you know, I’m a huge advocate of their facial masks, and I try to do a mask once a week to waken and refresh my skin. I’m glad I can now do this with my hair too, instead of going to the salon every week for that fresh, organic cleanse. To be honest, I try to wait as long as possible to wash my hair. Some people think, “ew, gross!” while others understand that the natural oils in your hair are good for you and washing hair too much dries it out.

Of course if I get a good sweat on at the gym I’ll give my hair a quick rinse, but heavy shampoo isn’t always necessary. This kind of philosophy really applies to my whole life, and I think you could benefit from it too. The organic life, I mean. Eating clean and going as natural as you can with the products you use. Our bodies weren’t meant to handle processed, synthetic junk.



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AshLee Frazier

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