Walk in The Park

Yep, spring is here. I can confirm as I wear this beautiful red jumpsuit from  She Inside. This ain’t no winter outfit. And this is no ordinary jumpsuit.


Sometimes I wish everything was “a walk in the park,” if you know what I mean. I love taking walks by myself and breathing in the fresh air and just thinking. I do believe that life is full of challenges and that it is not easy, but the silver lining is that you can overcome anything, especially with God’s help. It’s faith that makes that “walk in the park” just a little easier.


When it comes to “The Bachelor,” the show makes you think that falling in love is this simple, amazing thing surrounded by luxurious settings and devoid of any challenges in life. That’s simply not true. I do love the show, and it certainly does provide for some gossip-worthy entertainment. But please, if you think that is how your life is supposed to be, don’t think that way! Enjoy your challenges and face them head on. Struggling with your job, a family member, a relationship, or a best friend? Well, so is everyone else in the world! You can acknowledge those challenges, and you can find answers.


Ok, not to get to sappy here, but whatever walk you’re walking, make it count. And if you can wear a sweet red jumpsuit like this? Even better. Be bold and bright and colorful with who you are. You deserve to shine on your path, whatever that may be.

Post Sponsor: She Inside

Hair: Estilo Salon and Spa

Jumper: She Inside, Shoes: Seychelles, Ring: Kendra Scott

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  • April 8, 2015


    Wow, nice jumpsuit!
    I kinda want to buy it myself, but I was just wondering… Can you wear a bra beneath it?