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I heard on the news a few days ago that September and October are the two biggest months for weddings. Why have I always thought is was June? Of course this got my brain turning. With only 4 weddings to attend these next two months I thought I’d share a fabulous find with you all to help out the men in our lives.

These days, you can order literally anything online. I’ve cut my errands in half thanks to the Internet, where I can buy groceries, swimsuits, and coffee filters all in one place, and have it at my doorstep in 24 hours. Technology is amazing, isn’t it?

So it was only a matter of time until I heard about Menguin, the first online tux rental company that fits you, customizes your look, and ships your tux directly to your house. Obviously I don’t need a tux in my wardrobe, but my boyfriend could sure make use of this, especially with all the weddings we are attending. I’ve recommended Menguin to my friends’ fiancés too, because I know wedding planning can be a stressful thing.

I’m no expert in figuring out measurements for tuxedos, and even most men don’t even know their sizes. Menguin, however, has a special process to help guys find the perfect size. They provide a tailor fit card, and they tell you how to find your sizes based on the items you already have in your closet. And every order is run through a “fit algorithm” to make sure the sizes are proportionate.

I showed Menguin to one of my guy friends, and I felt like I was dressing a Ken doll, for real! Menguin lets you click around to choose whatever you want, from the neckwear to the shoes. You can mix and match and choose different designers. It’s so fun, I forgot I was on an actual tux fitting website, ha.

If you have a wedding come up for yourself, a family member, or a friend, here’s how Menguin could help make things a little easier:


  • Have your groomsmen all order from Menguin so they can get the same styles
  • Your fiancé (or your friend’s fiancé) can order his wedding tux here too, and it gets shipped directly so you don’t have to stress about driving to a rental place
  • You can get free replacements for tuxes if they don’t fit, which is a HUGE relief


What better way to check out Menguin than to go through their Pinterest board? Pin away! And start planning your dream wedding, if that’s what you’re into right now.


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