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If I could have one wish come true amongst the hundred on my wedding day that would be to have glowing, beautiful skin. For several reasons and one being because photos last FOREVER! My second reason is because I want to wake up on my honeymoon with a clean face for my hubby. I’m a huge advocate on washing my face before going to bed, no matter what. I’ve created a habit for it. Just because I do that doesn’t mean my skin doesn’t need constant TLC. 

Since moving back from Los Angeles I have turned to Dr. Roth, at Cameo in West Ave. It all started when I walked in and every girl working there had glowing skin. Now that’s how you sell me! I know, it may sound crazy but personally it’s hard when you walk into doctor’s offices and the girls working don’t have this incredible skin. Because if I worked at a doctor’s office I’d be doing a treatment every other day. I could go on and on about all the features they have but I’ll share me absolute favorite with you. It’s their mobile service. Of course this is something you must schedule in advance but can you image how amazing it would be to stay at home and have your service come to you? This is exactly how I feel about, excited. Working full time and planning our wedding simply leaves me with very little time to get away. Therefore, I take full advantage of this!

Back to my wedding skin prep:

I am currently getting regular facials. It’s tough to find time to get them as often as I’d like but as the wedding gets closer and my wedding planner starts full time I’ll find it easier to go. 

Other than facials I am also going to start getting the Skin Pen treatment, which they do at Cameo and have an amazing special currently running. Have you heard of this? It’s amazing. Downtown is minor but nothing a Saturday at home can’t cure. After this treatment I want to do a Microderm facial to finish off any dead, dry, winter skin left. Of course a Hydra Facial as you all know from my past that I love these!

I am going to keep you all up to date here but mostly over on snapchat and instagram. If you have any questions about treatments, call Valerie and if you need to see someone with best results of all Dr. Roth has to offer then ask for Bri and tell her hello for me. Her skin is flawless and is my hashtag wedding goal!

(Can they come to my new house and decorate and make my place feel this zen?)

AshLee Frazier

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